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Our Story

We are Arcanum Archives, a group of gamers that believe KingsIsle created something special, that there is no other game like Wizard101 out there.

Wizard101 officially launched over 14 years ago, but the game is still very much thriving today. We've been playing the game for years, enjoying every experience and making a ton of memories to last a lifetime!

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Meet The Team

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Sarah SkyStrider






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Sarah is from Colorado and has been with the AA since 2017 when she and Stars (Austin Stars) started doing events together.

She has been playing Wizard101 since 2009. She enjoys building and decorating with Wizard101's housing option, especially mazes. She is a bit obsessed with unicorns, hippogryphs, and watching people run through her mazes.

Other than Wizard101 Sarah likes anime, superheros, and everything magic.

WhiteTiger93 is a Proud Texan who joined AA in the Summer of 2020. He became an Admin in 2022, and a Co-Owner in 2023. 

He's been playing Wizard101 since 2010, and has no intentions on stopping anytime soon. He enjoys questing and learning the lore, while exploring everything the game has to offer.

From the Great State of Texas, WhiteTiger is a Certified Computer Technician, Big Marvel Fan, Lover of Country Music, and Historical Researcher.

Ambermeow (she/her) first joined AA in 2020 as a Trial Moderator and content creator. She is now a Co-Owner, along with Sarah SkyStrider and WhiteTiger 93.

Amber has been playing Wizard101 since its release, though it wasn't until 2018 that she began playing it seriously. She loves the game's story and characters, and her favorite world is by far Mirage.

Amber's other interests include Big Time Rush, Mawaru Penguindrum and Heartstopper.

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